The LIFE+ financial instrument


The LIFE+ program is a financial instrument proposed by the European Commission whose main objective is to provide specific support , at Community level, to the measures and projects with European added value for the implementation, updating and development of policy and Community legislation on the environment. The program is valid for the period 2007-2013 and is divided into the following three thematic components:

1)    Life Plus “Nature and Biodiversity”

2)    Life Plus “Environment Policy and Governance”

3)    Life Plus “Information and Communication”


Life Plus “Nature and Biodiversity”

Main objective: protect, conserve, restore, monitor and facilitate the functioning of natural systems, natural habitats and of wild fauna and flora, in order to halt the loss of biodiversity, including diversity of genetic resources, inside the EU. The projects are divided into two categories: "Life nature" and "Life Biodiversity".


Life Plus “Environment Policy and Governance”

Main objectives: implement, update and develop the Community environmental policy and legislation; bridge the gap between research and implementation on a large scale and promote innovative solutions.


Life Plus “Information and Communication”

Main objective: disseminate information and raise awareness on environmental issues, including the prevention of forest fires; provide support for accompanying measures, such as actions and information campaigns and communication, conferences and training, including training on forest fire prevention


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